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    70th anniversary of the establishment of People's Republic of China

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    We are a professional manufacturer of the chloride free (pure sulfate) mgo board in China.
    With the new technology and morden production facility, we aim to provide consistency

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    70th anniversary of the establishment of People's Republic of China

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    This year is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of People's Republic of China.

    If you Love deeply , please say it out loudly.

    We are using the actual action to confess to our motherland. I am in the same picture with the national flag.

    China’s national flag is red with five golden stars.

    Like a light, leading our way back home.

    Reflecting our deep love and thoughts to our motherland.


    Our country is like a great mother to us,always give us best and strong support. We never can leave her. Like the fish can not leave river, bird can not leave the bule sky.


    China catches my heart,no one can break us apart. Happy birthday Matherland! 



    I Love Beijing. I love China.



    I am proud of my country. I am proud of being a Chinese.



    Wishing the motherland's tomorrow : The sky is bluer. The mountains are greener. The water is clearer. The economy is more prosperous. The people are happier. The motherland is stronger.



    I love China


    I love my country, I am proud of my country, I am willing to make all efforts for her better and better.



    Bless the motherland, prosperity and prosperity! Harmonious! Happiness! Peaceful!

    Motherland, we are proud of you!



    Flag in hand, China in heart.



    We are doing the international business, export products to all over the world. we are very excited to hear the complimentary from foreign customers. we are proud to be chinese. For us, we are doing best to make some contribution, to export more products for ourselves, for our country.



    Little Child’s promise is not stable yet.

    Big flag in your little hands.

    I want to tell you, little child, your promise means a lot to her. You are an indivisible part.

    You are using your tender lips saying I love you China.

    China’s yesterday has been written in the history of mankind.

    China’s today is in the hands of hundreds of millions of people

    China’s tomorrow will be better!



    Yurui Family Wishes Motherland


    Happy Birthday!


    Yurui(Shandong)Machinery Co.,LTD.


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    Our philosophy is that we are not only manufacturer the machinery, we are providing the whole system for



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