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    We are a professional manufacturer of the chloride free (pure sulfate) mgo board in China.
    With the new technology and morden production facility, we aim to provide consistency

    quality, competitive and unique advantage product for you.

    Quality Control

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    Now our factory is audited by Intertek, CodeMark with our customers. We do the necessary Quality control and keep the documents on site for years. So, we could check the record anytime if we need to trace back the production process.
    We warmly welcome you to visit our factory and checking the production process.
    1.Raw materials
    Check each batch, and the supplier will also supply us the test reports, necessary test report. Make sure the raw materials’ quality is reliable.
    Quality Control
    2.Production Process
    The production team will record the process, such as each batch has used how many material, the control of the formula, density. So, when we need to trace back we could know how the boards was been made.
    3.Finished Product
    Before export, the board will be clean, check the appearance one by one. Do the test like strength and other test required by customers. We also provide the third-party inspection before loading service for customers.
    Quality Control

    A new kind of magnesium oxide board without any magnesium chloride, totally chloride-free,

    no risk of moisture absoption and steel rust problems.

    Pure Sulfate MgO Board