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    Pure Sulfate/Chloride-Free

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    We are a professional manufacturer of the chloride free (pure sulfate) mgo board in China.
    With the new technology and morden production facility, we aim to provide consistency

    quality, competitive and unique advantage product for you.

    Pure Sulfate/Chloride-Free

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    1.Content of Mgo sulphate board raw materials
    Mgo powder 
    Mgo sulphate 
    Bamboo fiber
    Rice husk
    Our sulpate mgo board is the pure Non-chloride mgo board and the chloride ion could be guaranteed less than 0.034%. But the main purpose of some factories doing sulphate board because they only want to control the content of the chloride ion, so when they do the production, they do not use pure mgso4, but mix the mgso4 with mgcl2. It's very easy to test if they use the pure one or not, we just need to test the content of chloride ion.
    2.For sulfate MGO board, our engineer has developed the bamboo fiber instead of saw dust. The advantage of bamboo fiber is as following: 
    Water content is lower, much more flexible(toughness), it’s not easy make mould.
    Also, for the sulfate, it needs less water than chloride. And the bamboo fiber is much dry than saw dusk. What's more, the bamboo fiber is more stronger than saw dust, so the board's strength will be higher. 
    3.Strict requirement for producing mgo sulphate board
    1) The activity of Mgo powder has to be above 65%
    2) The purity of Mgo sulphate has to be above 99%
    3) Much more strict requirement for temperature and humidity control, if the customer have a very high requirement on the water content, usually need to do the third time curing.

    A new kind of magnesium oxide board without any magnesium chloride, totally chloride-free,

    no risk of moisture absoption and steel rust problems.

    Pure Sulfate MgO Board